TIWI White Tea - A Fragranced Reeds

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TIWI White Tea - A Fragranced Reeds

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TIWI White Tea Fragranced Reed Diffuser is the ultimate, luxurious spa fragrance, starts with fresh citrusy top notes of mandarin and bergamot. Middle notes of thyme and ginger add an herbal spice that blends beautifully with delicate jasmine blossoms. Chrysanthemum petals and white tea buds round out the base of this exquisite fragrance. 

Note Profile:
Top: Bergamot, Mandarin
Middle: Thyme, Jasmine, Ginger
Base: White Tea, Chrysanthemum

 Ideal for Entryways, Living Rooms, Kitchens, Open Areas, Bathroom, Bedroom

Duration of use - up to 2/3 months