Effective Ways to use your TIWI Fragranced Linen/Room Sprays.

Our Fragranced Linen/Room Spray is a quick and effective way to refresh any space. It’s instant and lasts a couple of hours. However, a few additional tips and tricks will help you get the most from your interior scent. We discovered different ways to use our Fragranced Linen/Room Sprays, whether you are home or away. Here are a few:

Combine the scent.

Even though our Linen/room spray can last for hours, the scent can also be extended when combined with a complimentary candle. Light your candle and spray 2-3 pumps into the Centre of the room at the same time. The result is an immediate waft of fragrance, as it begins to subside the candle scents overtakes it.

Or, you can create a bespoke/signature interior scents. Combine a complementary or different fragranced candle. For Example, You can combine TIWI Citrus Musk & Patchouli candle well with TIWI Citrusy Linen/Room Spray These two fragrances have complementary scent notes. 

Spritz a Fragranced Linen/Room Spray on curtains and cushions.

Spraying your soft furnishings will help it linger in the room for longer. Spray on curtains so that it catches in the breeze; or on cushions. Our Linen/Room Sprays don't stain fabrics.

Use in Walk-In Closets/Wardrobes

A couple of pumps will immediately refresh a musty-smelling linen wardrobe and will leave your clothes slightly scented, too. You can also combine scents  but this time, use an unlit, almost finished candle – it will provide a subtle scent for weeks or months. Add a spritz of Linen/Room Spray from time to time to new strength of fragrance. The fresh, clean scent of our Floral Linen/Room Spray is ideal for this.

Use in your car.

Our luxury Linen/Room Spray isn’t only for inside the house; it’s also a simple way to leave your car smelling chic and lovely. While it’s fine to leave a bottle in your glovebox for short periods of time, be aware that the heat of a hot car can cause the fragrance in a bottle of perfume to deteriorate faster. For this reason, it’s best stored in a cool space. This is a great substitute for Car Diffuser.

Take it with you for the weekend.

Planning on escaping from the usual life cycle, stow a luxury interior scent in your luggage to use immediately you arrive your destination. It will help to mask a stale-smelling room and has the added benefit of reminding you of home, no matter where you are.

I hope you find these tips useful, please leave a comment and feedback on our Linen/Room Sprays

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  • Shade

    Thank you for the hacks! Using sprays as a car freshener is a first! That’s creative.. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    I love your brand by the way.

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