Welcome to my first ever blog post! I hope you find my articles helpful and informative. In this blog, expect to read tips on how to adopt a lifestyle of scents and some other useful information on home scents and how to use them appropriately at every point in time. Stick with me on!

Yea, talking about Scent Lifestyle, what comes to your mind first?

Adopting a scent lifestyle is when you deliberately include scents in your everyday activities. Just like you make sure you have your meals to get your body going, a well scented space is as important as eating food.

I will tell you why…

The olfactory (Sense of smell) is the least celebrated of all our 5 senses, to be honest. Ironically, it is the most important because it is directly connected to our brains which controls our emotional existence. When we lose our sense of smell, we automatically lose a connection to the material world and its sensual pleasures. Our sense of smell has the ability to affect our well being.

Having said all these, the best we can do is to start celebrating our olfactory (sense of smell) like never before, we need to sensitise it more, get it activated.

The next question should be how do you do this? Stick with me on this blog and I will gladly walk with you on this Scent Lifestyle journey. It is exciting and addictive (good addiction, Watch out for my next post where I will be writing on how to adopt scents in our everyday activities while we bring our olfactory back to life!


Thank you for reading! Hope you grabbed something. I will be looking forwards to reading from you in the comment section.




  • Tosin

    Great first post! Well done. Lovely products too. Awesome!

  • Yemisi Broughton

    It’s so amazing how a child while blindfolded is able to still identify their mother through the sense of smell. Amazing website, inspiring blog and most importantly great products…. I love Tiwi’s fragrance

  • Abiola

    Tiwi’s products are top notch quality and excellently presented in beautiful packaging. Highly recommended!

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