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Effective Ways to use your TIWI Fragranced Linen/Room Sprays.

Our Fragranced Linen/Room Spray is a quick and effective way to refresh any space. It’s instant and lasts a couple of hours. However, a few additional tips and tricks will help you get the most from your interior scent. We discovered different ways to use our Fragranced Linen/Room Sprays, whether you are home or away. Here are a few: Combine the scent. Even though our Linen/room spray can last for hours, the scent can also be extended when combined with a complimentary candle. Light your candle and spray 2-3 pumps into the Centre of the room at the same time. The result is an immediate waft of fragrance, as it begins to subside the candle scents overtakes it. Or, you...

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Adopting a scent lifestyle is when you deliberately include scents in your everyday activities. Just like you make sure you have your meals to get your body going, a well scented space is as important as eating food.

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